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Welcome to Petrotec Marine Petroleum Ltd. (PMP)

Petrotec Marine Petroleum Ltd (PMP) is a new petroleum company registered in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Its primary target is to sell bunkers in the Jamaican waters. The available grades are:

IFO RMG 380 Cst and MGO DMA. Other grades such as, IFO 180, 120, 60, 30 Cst are also available on request.

Applicable ISO standards 8217 2005, incorporating the latest ammendment for max allowable Sulphur content, IFO 3,5%, MGO 1,5%

Other services which may be combined with the bunkering operation are:

  • Removal of ship's sludge on advance request.
  • Supply of fresh water on advance request.

Marine Services Ltd (MS), under contract to PMP, has assigned one new build double hull tanker of 4114 DWT, which will undertake bunker supplies in Kingston Harbor, Kingston outer anchorage, and virtually in any navigable port around the island of Jamaica.

Petrotec Bunkering (JA) Ltd. (PBJ), is the local company in Jamaica, assigned to control and monitor the bunkering operation around the entire island.


    Member of IBIA


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